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💌:TikTok > YouTube + Ray-Ban Stories

💌:TikTok > YouTube + Ray-Ban Stories

We’re back with another week of news and jobs. Hope everyone had a great week!

As I mentioned last week, I ordered some sweet holographic stickers for all of you as a thank you for the early support. I should hopefully have them this week to begin sending out. Fill out this form with your mailing address if you want one!

Ok, on to the week’s news


Content, SEO, & Email

Advertising and branding


Here are a couple of interesting jobs that are over on the Forgematic job board now:

Just for fun

  • Have you ever wondered why links on the internet are blue? Mozilla gets to the bottom of it in this deep dive that goes all the way back to 1964, complete with screenshots of browsers and operating systems along the way. Fun fact, the links in this email should to be pink, so head to the website if you ever want to see them in all their true glory.

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