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💌: Facebook under fire & free stickers

💌: Facebook under fire & free stickers

We’re back with another week of the best marketing news! Instead of a longer intro, I’ll keep it short: the holographic stickers are ready to ship out to everyone as a thank you for being an early subscriber. To get yours, just head here and drop in your mailing address. I’m gonna start sending them out later this week.

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Social Media & Creator Economy


  • It’s not just you. Google search is getting worse. Why? A closed loop system where Google controls 85% of the world’s search engine activity, but at the same time more than 80% of Alphabet’s revenue comes from Google Advertising.
  • Google’s core updates used to wreak havoc on website traffic and send every SEO into a panic. It doesn’t seem like these core updates upend our known universe these days, but is that just because we’re used to them? SEMRUSH conducted a study to find out: Are Core Updates Becoming Less Powerful? I won’t spoil this one because it’s worth a read if you’re an SEO.
  • Google’s page experience update went live in June, and one study found that Core Web Vitals (aka website performance) have become a measurable ranking factor. The difference in ranking is exactly huge at the moment (3.7 percentage points), but you can bet it will become more important over time.

Brand & Advertising



There are a few fresh jobs up on the job board, and here are a couple you should know about. Do you have an open job on your team? If so, add it to the board for free.

Just For Fun

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