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💌: More jobs, robot ads, & Iris Apfel

💌: More jobs, robot ads, & Iris Apfel

Hey everyone and welcome to another week of marketing news and jobs! To those of you in the US, like myself, I hope you get to enjoy some time off this weekend. As soon as I hit publish on this newsletter, I’m heading to the pool. ☀️

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Ok, on to this week’s news!

Social & The Creator Economy

Search & Content

  • Here’s an interesting look at how Apple’s App Store algorithm ranks apps based on keywords. One interesting takeaway: if you optimize for a single keyword, it gives newer apps a chance of ranking with more established ones. I actually didn’t know you could optimize for keywords, and thought search results are based on downloads and reviews only.
  • If you write or create for a technical audience, and you wonder why your traffic isn’t growing, it could be because 58% of technical audiences block Google Analytics. Good for them. Not so much for you. An even bigger stat: 88% of Firefox users block Google Analytics. I’m considering alternatives myself, so if you’ve used Fathom or Plausible or something of that nature, let me know how you like it!
  • Last week, we wrote about Google randomly rewriting page titles in the SERP (search engine results page). Here’s a free tool that will let you check if your website’s pages have been being rewritten.
  • Organic search isn’t like advertising in the sense that you spend money, get conversions/sales, and can easily do the math on the return on your investment. Here’s how to do that with organic search.
  • Here are some tips to help you make infographics more appealing. Many people forget that infographics should actually tell a story, and shouldn’t just be numbers in graphic form.

Advertising & Branding


It’s crazy that the job board just started last week because at the time of this writing there are almost 100 jobs on the board. They range from internships to executive positions. Here are a couple of interesting ones. Want to see them all? Just hit the jobs link on the main website.


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