Yo! I’m Jordan AKA Forge. I spent the last 13 years as a DJ. I took what I learned on the side and became a digital marketer.

My general philosophy is "if I can do it, you can do it" - and I'm aiming to share all of my knowledge and marketing nuggets with everyone here.

But why would you listen to me? Because I'm self-taught and learned it all by actually doing it. No formal education, career trajectory handed to me, just hands-on work.

I dropped out of college but frequently sit at tables where almost everyone has an MBA. I learned everything I know by constantly reading and then putting it into practice immediately.


Forgematic was created to help busy marketers stay current on trends, learn strategy from other marketers, and collect the best tactics and links into a weekly email.

I read a ton of websites, other newsletters, and scour conversations on social media and curate the best of what's happening in any given week.

TL;DR: I read a lot, collect into a handy list of links and insights, and send it to you each week.

Paid members will also get additional content with deep dives into hot topics, playbooks directly from other marketers, and some cool swag eventually.

But what about the DJ stuff?

I knew someone would ask about that – yeah, it's true - I once had a really stable and successful DJ career. A lot of people ask me why I made the switch, and the truth is - I found out along the way I was pretty good at digital marketing and decided to try and make a career of it. I freelanced along the way, and then finally worked my way into the professional world.

I've tweeted for the highest paid CEO in NC, and now companies pay me six plus figures each year to run digital marketing for them.

So I decided to start sharing my knowledge here. I decided to charge a small amount for my ongoing nuggets because marketing education and concepts should be accessible to anyone.

Follow along on this journey with me and you'll end up with the gems you need to freelance or land a career. Plus, having paid subscribers gives me motivation and the dopamine I need to keep cranking out content for you.

Here's my old DJ website if you're interested. But here are some highlights:

  • Was UNC Football and Basketball DJ for six seasons. Lots of fun.
  • 2x Red Bull Thre3style Champion in NC (back to back).
  • Supastition's tour DJ. Thanks to him, I was able to see the world.
  • Super Secret Dance Party. 4 strong years and so much fun and only ended thanks to the pandemmy.