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💌 007: Introduction to the PAS Framework

💌 007: Introduction to the PAS Framework

We recently discussed the AIDA framework (that post is here in case you didn't get to check it out). Today we're going to take a look at another favorite copywriting framework.

As a reminder, a framework gives you a guide for creating something — in our case writing. The AIDA framework is great for a variety of scenarios, but I like to use PAS when I want the reader to respond to something (like an ad, or a contact or landing page). This is called direct response copywriting — and you can think of it like sales.

So, today we're learning about the PAS framework.

The PAS Framework for Copy Writing

As before, PAS is an acronym. Let's break the letters down just like last time:

Problem: Present a problem. This is crafted around the problem you can solve, but formatted in a way to focus on your potential customer having a huge problem.

Agitate: Agitate the problem you presented above. You can get really detailed and expand on the problem, making it seem big and something that you urgently need to solve. The key word here is urgency.

Solution: Offer a solution to the problem. The solution is your brand, product, or service. You’ve presented a problem, explained why the problem needs to be changed or solved, and then offered to help the person solve it.

You can see this formula in lots of advertising, especially these days on social media. This framework is an effective way to craft a short advertisement.

It doesn’t end there though, you can use it for almost any website page, email, etc where you want the person to act.

In fact, I used it just this week to write copy for an email that was going out to potential event registrants. Instead of talking about how great the event was, I broke it down like this (note, this is for a niche audience). Just replace X for your next event, and edit away!


The X industry is changing rapidly, and it’s hard to keep up. If you want to make a difference in your company, you need to understand the full picture of what’s happening in X right now.


We believe that the future of X will be shaped by conversations between people who are working on different parts of the X process—from fraud detection and risk management to user experience design. At X, we bring together leaders from across these areas for a day-long conversation about where things are going next.


Our speakers include executives from leading companies like X, X, X, X, and too many more to list! Each speaker has unique insight into how their company approaches X, and you’ll have a rare chance to peek behind the curtain.

Register now and join us for two days of what’s happening right now in payments. See you there. <— this is the action I want the person to take.

That’s just one example of how you can use PAS — so add it to your marketing kit for the future!

Changes happening

Next week the format and idea behind Forgematic will be shifting. I realized it’s hard to teach in a fragmented fashion week to week via a newsletter, and that is better suited for a focused course or guide.

So, the weekly newsletter will shift to be 10 links or fewer that help busy marketers stay on top of their game.

Why this format? Well, I read. A lot.

Every week I voraciously consume newsletters, twitter, blogs, books, and social media posts all about marketing. It’s how I learned everything I know. And I realized I’m excellent at pulling out the gems from all of that reading.

So, each week, there will be 10 links or fewer that are all about marketing, each with a quick blurb of why I find it helpful.

Every so often the links will be to my articles as we continue to teach concepts. Lots of times they will be to the stuff I found helpful from that week, and then other times it will be to videos that we’ll be creating soon.

What about the paid membership? Well, that’s still going to be in place. People that are paid members will get extra content in the form of a podcast where we interview marketers at leading companies and explore their journeys, plus the more in-depth video stuff like tutorials and courses.

Thanks for being on the ride with me early, I feel like this shift is right for the future Forgematic as a publication. It's going to be helpful to so many marketers stay on top of their game, and point those that want to learn to a variety of resources each week.

See you Sunday,
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