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📝 001: Use the AIDA Framework to get inspiration for writing

This tried & true method is great for websites and emails too!. Try it in your next email, on your home page, your about page, product page, or any page with a form. Here's AIDA, from top to bottom.
📝 001: Use the AIDA Framework to get inspiration for writing

One of the core concepts we'll continue to explore on Forgematic is writing copy.

Copywriting is arranging words with a specific purpose or in a specific place to get a person to interact with your brand. I'll say it over and over again: if you want to learn marketing, start with writing.

The reason why writing is essential to marketing is because even if it doesn't take center stage, it usually backs up whatever else you might be creating or creating. Even if you're writing captions on Instagram, you're writing copy.

Many people find writing challenging, especially when writing sales or marketing material. It can be scary looking at a blank page or blank post and can often be a blocker for getting started.

Fear not, frameworks can save the day!

What is a framework?

A framework is a starting point for anything you're doing - simply put, it's an effective way to work through something you are trying to produce or create. Creatives of all sorts use frameworks because having a guide makes it easier to create.

An AIDA structure will help you to tell better stories if you pay attention to each letter. You can use it for any type of writing on the internet. You can use it on your website, Facebook and Instagram ads, and even email campaigns. You could even produce a video script or storyboard with it!

Today's post discusses AIDA through the lens of writing many different pages for a website, such as the home page, product page, or any page with a form.

Here's AIDA, from top to bottom.

The AIDA framework for writing

Let's clear this acronym up already. What do those letters stand for? Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

Let's break each of those words down a bit more, again using the example of creating a website home page.

Attention - First, get the person’s attention. Use the top of your page for a catchy headline. Tip: this isn't your brand statement.

Interest - Then, get the person interested by presenting new information, or a new take on existing information. Tip: think about what makes you unique here.

Desire - Next, play into emotional intelligence and create desire by showing & telling the benefits of your brand. Tip: think outcomes, awards, and testimonials here.

Action - Finally it's time to ask the person to take the next step and fill out your booking form, start a trial, or add to cart. Tip: Use action verbs on your buttons to indicate the next step.

Take a look at some of your favorite websites and written advertisements. You're likely to see AIDA in action, and as a good test you could see if you spot the format

Next time you need to write, use this template to give yourself a head start and you won't have to start from scratch. 🥳

Here's a great recent example of this in action on the Apple iPhone 12 product page:

In fact if you go scroll the page, you'll see how Apple continues to build desire through clever web design.

Learn even more

Here's one of my favorite copy writers that I follow, Neville Medhora and his explanation of AIDA in 7 minutes:

We'll explore more writing frameworks in the future, including my favorite, the PAS framework.

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