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💌: iOS15, SEO, & TikTok Pins

💌: iOS15, SEO, & TikTok Pins

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Advertising, Branding, and Design

SEO & Content

  • Google Analytics is the standard for tracking your website’s performance, but it does have quite a learning curve. Here’s a great guide for beginners to get up to speed on the latest version, GA 4.
  • Google made a big splash in the SEO world a few weeks ago when it was reported site titles were rewritten in search results pages. They are now walking that back and will serve up the title the website provides most of the time. Based on feedback, aka SEO panic and fury.
  • Search Engine Journal released a State of SEO report this week featuring the results of surveys to SEO pros and what their clients want. One result that shocks not a single person: everyone wants increased traffic, brand awareness, and new customers. Because if you can’t deliver on those, you are not doing your job as an SEO. Change my mind :).

Email Marketing

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