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πŸ“– Part Two: It's All One Big Experiment

The art and science of a series of experiments, and what they add up to when it's all said and done.
πŸ“– Part Two: It's All One Big Experiment

This is part of my ongoing book series, of which you can read all previous chapters here.

Lots of people used to come up to me at gigs or even ahead of the gig and ask me "what's on the playlist tonight?" or "what are you planning to play tonight?"

The fact of the matter is I usually had no idea 😬

You read that and thought I'm full of Β πŸ’©, but hear me out. Β I'm not saying I wasn't prepared for an event. Nor that I didn't have a few songs I knew would win over a crowd when mixed together.

DJs often refer to this as a set or a crate. We use these sets as sort of frameworks to guide us through specific parts of the night - or to set a specific vibe.

In general, I knew the night was going to be a series of puzzles to put together.

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