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💌: The 5 Step Landing Formula to Maintain a 15%+ Conversion Rate

G’day everyone ✌!

While Jordan is joining the ‘Dad club’ 👶 you’ll be hearing from a few guests - I’m up first.

I’m Mitch (@PayPerMitch) and for the next 4 minutes, I’m going to give you a step-by-step framework that you can apply right now to increase your conversion rate to 15%+.

TLDR background on me:

  • Worked in agencies for 4 years where I worked my way up to Paid Media Director.
  • Spent ~$22 million on paid ads across every vertical you can think of. From ma’ and pa’ brick-and-mortar stores to enterprise SaaS and products.
  • I now run growthship.io where I create profitable paid media campaigns for high-growth SaaS, ecommerce and service-based businesses.

Let’s get straight into it. 👇

Landing pages vs website?

I’m not going to spark the age-old debate of ‘should you send your paid traffic to a landing page or website?’

But in short - if you’re buying traffic then you should use a conversion-focused page.

And what’s even more important is the first 3 seconds of the user landing on your page.

You need to build instant trust otherwise they’ll bounce.

Here’s the framework I use to build instant trust with cold traffic so that I can consistently get 15%+ conversion rates. 📈

1) Headline/offer

Make your headline big, bold and irresistible.

Place it to the left of the page in larger and more salient font so the user’s eye naturally read this first.

First impressions count so put your best offer/claim forward.

If you don’t have a guarantee you can put your strongest unique selling prop. Eg. warranties, results or case studies.

You know you’re successful here if you can get them to say ‘Really?.... How is this true?’.

Which means they’re going to read on.


2) Back up your headline

Now that we’ve grabbed the user’s attention, we need to support the claim.

It’s the perfect place to highlight:

  • What you do
  • Who it is for
  • The outcome of what you’re offering

The question we are answering for the user: 'why should I leave my contact information?'


3) Social proof

Would you rather get operated on from the doctor that has had 3,000 successful operations and 25 years experience under their belt or the fresh out of college kid who started this morning?

Obviously the experienced doc...

So we need to sell the user on the fact that this isn’t your first rodeo.

The most effective ways of demonstrating experience:

  • Client logos
  • Case studies
  • Over the shoulder live videos
  • Testimonials/reviews (double points if it’s video)


4) Call-to-actions

Landing pages are the same as IRL - if you don’t tell people what you want then they won’t know/can’t act on it.

This is where CTA and copy become so important.

Show and tell the user what they need to do.

This doesn’t always mean telling people to submit a lead form - it could also mean:

  • Try us
  • Sign up
  • Shop now
  • Get resource
  • Buy collection
  • See our demo
  • Calculate quote
  • Download info pack

Whatever industry you’re in, be clear and concise with exactly what the user needs to do as the next step.

5) Create urgency

We ponder way too much.

People will see something and think ‘that’s cool, I’ll come back and get this after X’.

The thing is… once they leave they’re very unlikely to come back to take action.

So it’s our job to give them a gentle (but very clear) push to take action now.

This is done by creating scarcity with limited supply, timing or both.

Below is an example of how to apply this.

This could also be applied to ecommerce stores with a real-time stock availability counter - showing when someone buys then supply is running out.

It’s all about leveraging the good ol’ theory of supply and demand.

Wrapping it up

At the end of the day we want a user to take action when they land on our landing page.

The best way to do that is with building credibility and urgency.

You need to answer the user’s questions of

‘Can I trust you?’

‘Do I need to take action right now?’

If we can answer these in the first few seconds of someone landing on a page then the probability of them converting is high.

The above is only about landing page headers - if you want to learn more about Conversion Rate Optmization on landing pages, Google Ads, Facebook Ads or copywriting then head over to @PayPerMitch and throw me a follow.

The ROI will be huge.

Until next time!