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šŸ’Œ: Emails & Tiktok & URL Crawls (oh my!)

šŸ‘‹ Bonjour, everyone! My name is Leah and I'm taking over the newsletter this week while Jordan is stepping into his new role as a dad!

šŸ„ I currently live and work in the South of France as a Growth Marketer at Pictarine (you might have even used our photo printing apps before!). I've worn a lot of different hats in Marketing these past 3 years ... so scroll on for some trending topics and my fave resources! šŸ‘‡

šŸ’ø Ads, Ads, and more Ads!

šŸ¤ Google Ads is getting even more automized (and even smarter!) with Customer Match lists rolling out starting from Q2 2022. Smart Bidding and Optimized Targeting are Impacted ... #HelloAutomation!

šŸŽØ Get your creative hat on with Apple's Custom Product Pages which are the newest way to bring personalization and testing opportunities to this platform. With 35 pages you can test, this is a great way to get innovative and test new segments, content, and more! Tried it out, or planning to try? Drop me a line!

šŸ“± Are full-screen ads on iPhone a thing now? Yay or nay?

šŸ¤³šŸ¼ Let's Get Social (Media)

šŸ‘Æ TikTok is rolling out a new feature to replace the Discovery tab called Friends. Ā ļø Their goal? Make it even easier to share and interact with content from the people you're already connected to! Now that's putting the social in social media!

šŸ¤£ And speaking of TikTok, did you know that the viral type of humor this platform is even impacting Hollywood? GenZ is truly the "Influencer generation."

šŸ“ø Bigger is better ... Instagram is testing a new type of feed as they continue their "video-first" trend. The immersive experience puts a full-screen video on the user's screen right when they open the app. I'm ready for the controversy following this feed-change! šŸ˜‚

āœØ Calling all content creators! A new study shows that Americans spend 39% of their time interacting with user-generated content.

āœļø Playing with Words: SEO

šŸ’° Ever wondered if buying an expired domain name is a good SEO move? Look no further!

šŸ¤” Check out this thread about focus keyword intent, sometimes Google can have a different opinion than the writer!

šŸ•· My favorite resource for SERP analysis! You get 10 free crawls a month and there are lots of other great articles.

šŸ“§ "You have 1 New Message": Emailing/Copywriting

šŸ“ Newsletters are still relevant! According to this article, they are a great way to build your brand. #EmailIsNotDead

šŸ—£ Short and sweet, metonymy is your new best friend when it comes to copy technique!

šŸ‘€ This ad sparked double-takes and made viewers stop scrolling, here's why and what you can learn from it!

šŸ“š These libraries of email examples and snappy subject lines are my bread and butter for inspiration.

šŸŽ¶ Spotify goes virtual! Now you can listen to Gangnam Style on repeat in a different universe! (Is Meta next?)

šŸ”” Are you a Wordle fan? Apparently, the game brought "tens of millions" of new users to the site when New York Times acquired it. And if you're a foodie like me, feel free to check out Phoodle! šŸ˜‹

šŸŽ Apple is saying adios to the iPod! I remember when I got the iPod shuffle and wore it on my hip ... the peak of fashion!

Hope you enjoyed my take on some new and noteworthy things in the world of Marketing! I'm always open to chat, so let me know what you thought, and feel free to reach out at leah@pictarine.com or on LinkedIn. I'll leave you with a little French-language humor to start your week off with a smile (at least I hope!)

Until next time,