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💌: Shorts, Fleets, & Saweetie N’ Sour

💌: Shorts, Fleets, & Saweetie N’ Sour

👋Alright y’all, we’re back with another week of what happened in marketing. The theme of this week seems to be collaborations, crossovers, and creators. I wrote most of this while sitting on my porch as it poured rain (sipping an iced coffee, of course).

Ok, here’s what happened this week:

Social & Creators

Advertising & Websites

For Fun

That’s it for this week. A few of you asked about the iced coffee experiment from the last issue. It’s one of my favorite ways to make iced coffee, especially if you have a bean that is fruit forward — it almost makes a coffee tea hybrid. Here’s how to make it. Don’t have any fancy coffee gear? Check out Cometeer, it’s my other current way to make iced coffee now (and if you use that link, you get $25 off!).

Thanks as always for reading and sticking with me another week!

-- Forge

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