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💌: House of Max, IG Timing, & 2006

💌: House of Max, IG Timing, & 2006

Hey, what’s up everyone. It’s Sunday, which means it's time for another edition of what’s happening in the marketing world! I’ve really appreciated getting to know all of you each week, and especially lately when everyone has been sharing their coffee prep methods!

Today, I’m swimming in iced coffee, since it’s 102F on the “feels like” scale today. I’m honestly surprised the iPad survived writing this on the porch today.

Ok, here’s what’s been happening in marketing this week

Social and The Creator Economy

Advertising and Branding

  • Amazon is seeing an increase in ad money as advertisers leave Facebook. Chalk it up to the iOS privacy fallout and the lack of reporting on FB ads. We’ll likely see more money exit FB ads for other platforms, and this is just the start.
  • Coke Zero Sugar is having an advertising moment. The reason? A new formula. This isn’t Coke’s first rodeo into a new recipe with an ad storm to match. Previous formula changes haven’t been met with a warm reception, but hopefully this time is different.
  • WarnerMedia launched “House of Max” this week, which helps advertisers use iconic HBO characters in ads. The goal is to make the ads feel more natural, placing them in shows on HBO Max.
  • Here’s a great list of places to get stock video clips for your ads or your feed in general. Bookmark it, it could come in handy the next time you need to make your vacation video look a bit more epic 😎
  • Twitter released an updated version of its Agency Playbook, which details how to run effective Twitter ads. It’s not super popular to run Twitter ads, but I’ve had great success with them this year. Take a look if you’re interested in paid social.
  • Instagram is testing ads in the Shop tab. If you’re like “wtf is the Shop tab?” — well, Instagram introduced the Shop tab last year in an effort to help make Instagram an online shopping destination. It offers seamless checkout and now might get ads from big brands — depending on user sentiment.
  • Here’s an in-depth article which gives an overview of 10 copywriting tips specific to Google Ads. It references class writing and psychology principles, which is a good way to demonstrate that some techniques will always be useful.
  • Copywriting is hard, especially when you are trying to get the reader to take a specific action. When you’re trying to write words that sell, the way you present your offer is super important. Here are 4 elements of an effective copywriting offer.

SEO and Email

Just For Fun

  • What would your top searches from 2006 be? You can likely find this out from your Google search history, but it’s more fun to think back to that time and think about what you were up to. Here’s what I think one of mine would be: “how to make a custom myspace background” 🤣

I really appreciate y’all reading along with me for another week! Follow me over on IG and Twitter if you’re not already. I’m going to try to start sharing more marketing nuggets during the week.

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