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💌: YT dumps dislikes, FB dumps targeting

💌: YT dumps dislikes, FB dumps targeting

👋 Hey everyone! I’m back with another roundup of the latest marketing trends.

In the middle of the newsletter this week, you’ll see the pre-launch of our membership options.

They’re on sale for the remainder of ‘21, and will be going up in ‘22, as we move to a paid membership offering only. If you used the Buy Me A Coffee link this year, you’ll be auto-upgraded to a paid membership for life as a thank you for the early support! ❤

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  • The 10,000 Faces That Launched an NFT Revolution. Read the backstory of the creators of CryptoPunks. The duo had no idea their 2017 project would light the fire for the NFT craze. These days, the rarer punks can go for millions of dollars, and Snoop and Jay-Z both own one. What a wild time we live in.

That’s all for this week’s news — it was a light week, with just a couple of stories dominating the news cycle. If I had to guess, next week’s letter might be a bit more action-packed 😎

See you next week,