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💌: What is the future of marketing?

💌: What is the future of marketing?

👋 Hi everyone! We're back for another week of what’s what in the marketing world.

First, a bit of Forgematic news. Thank you to everyone who has been reading along, supporting with coffee, and just reaching out about Forgematic in general the past six months. I’m up for a creator grant which, if I get it, would give me a bit of runway to be able to take this thing full time and start building out our community. The grant is from the software company we use for the job board, which is a great example of the universe just doing its thing.

Outside the grant, I have some other ideas to take this full time — more on that next week.

Ok! On to this week’s news and jobs (plus a special section about the future of marketing)

Social Media and the creator economy

Future of Marketing

  • The internet is having a Kodak moment. With the foundations of web3 being built before our eyes, it’s a good time to be in marketing. This article serves as a look at the previous and current iterations of the internet, and shows us what to look forward to.
  • Part two of the above: Creating the new frontier. Especially useful breakdowns of terms you’ve seen floating around the internet like the metaverse, NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs.
  • One piece to understand all of this further: How Axie Infinity is turning gaming on its head. Axie Infinity is a game that is essentially like Pokémon, but based on the blockchain. Players are making thousands of dollars per month playing this game. 25% of the players never even had a bank before. This could be the future of finance disguised. Don’t be shocked when you read about companies buying virtual billboards in this game (it already happens in Roblox, for example).
  • Why does all of this matter to marketing? All the other things we write about here like social media and SEO were once brand-new things that few understood. Imagine if by the time companies were like “we should do SEO” you were already well-versed and ahead of the game. I think this stuff is really exciting, and so much of the future of marketing will be about mastering the art of community and weaving in and out of social spaces full of people from every corner of the world.

SEO & Content Marketing


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