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💌: Juneteenth, copywriting, & buyer 🧠

💌: Juneteenth, copywriting, & buyer 🧠

This weekend is one of celebration here in the U.S. as many are celebrating Juneteenth (go here if you want to learn more about the holiday). Of course, marketers ruin everything and cannot resist the opportunity to attach their brand to significant events in the spirit of inclusivity. So, what’s the problem with that? Well, when you don’t have representation in your marketing department, you get cringe-worthy content.

I say this sincerely: marketing is one of the worst offenders of co-opting culture for clout and staying relevant. You can see this all day long on social media. You pick the app, I’ll point out the culture vultures. Not every event is appropriate for your brand to attach to.

Should there be retail promotions and sales like this one?

I could write about this all day. I don’t have a solution for it at the moment, though. Other than to encourage myself and fellow marketers to make sure there are seats at the table with a wide range of backgrounds and points of view. And equity across salaries while we're at it.

I'll get off my soapbox now – let’s get into this week’s edition!

🎥 Social & The Creator Economy

📣 Advertising

  • Here’s a fun fact for you: Google acquired YouTube in 2005 for $1.65 billion. YouTube’s ad revenue for 2020 alone was $20 billion 🤯 — That’s up 31% from the year before. Some would argue this is fueled by all of our pandemic-era video binging, but what if there is even more room to grow? Let’s go inside the ad, ad, ad, ad world of YouTube.
  • Well, it was nice having Instagram Reels without ads, but that’s all over now. Zuck is going to get his coins one way or another. Don’t believe me?
  • Well, Facebook is also running ads in virtual reality via Oculus. Is Facebook just an ad company that makes social media apps?

📝 Content, copywriting, & Design

🤣Just for fun

I opened this one pretty heavy, so let’s end it with some laughs! Laughter is contagious, so join along in uncontrollable laughter with comedians Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer.

The joke? No setup, just pure authentic every day life stuff. Comedians laughing is a top 10 thing in life.

Along those same lines, I watched Bo Burnham’s new Netflix special, Inside, and was amazed at the quality of the production, especially considering he filmed and edited it all himself from the same room in his house. That’s so...creator economy or something.

Thank you so much for reading with me for another week! I'm really excited about a few things coming soon and how this will evolve over time.

- Forge

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