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💌: Culture Drivers & Forgematic Agency

💌: Culture Drivers & Forgematic Agency

To those of you in the US like me, I hope you had a good Thanksgiving weekend. For me, it was a time spent with family, but also a time to begin planning 2021, and what I want out of it.

I’ve obviously talked a lot about my desire to start an agency. Happy (and thankful!) to say I signed my first client this week. So, my books are officially open for business.

I’m narrowing my focus to help B2B SaaS companies with marketing, so if that’s you, and you need digital marketing help — then reach out to me here. Or, if you refer someone that signs on to become a customer, I’ll give you $250 after their first paid month. ☺️

Alright, on to this week’s news!

Social and creators

SEO and content

Copywriting, branding, and advertising


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-- Forge

PS: Here's the link to hire me, just in case you still need it :)