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💌: Chronological IG Is Back?

👋 What’s up, everyone! Back in your inbox with the last newsletter of March. The big story of the week is that we finally have chronological IG feeds back!

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Social Media & The Creator Economy

  • Instagram launched two new chronological views to the home feed. The update splits your feed into three options: “Home” (the current default feed with personalized content), “Following” (a pure chronological feed), & “Favorites” (a chronological feed from a curated list of your favorite accounts). That’s a lot to take in, but Later’s got you covered with the details.
  • This week, Snap acquired a company called NextMind for an undisclosed amount of money. That company is best for its checks notes mind-controlled headband. Alrighty then.
  • There are one billion daily active users on Instagram. Ever wondered what the demographic makeup of all those users is? Hootsuite’s got us covered with their latest report. There are many insights on age, location, income, etc.
  • Twitter officially turned 15 this week (whut). Here’s former CEO Jack Dorsey’s very first tweet, which he would later sell as an NFT for $2.9 million.
  • LinkedIn rolled out a few updates this week designed to boost organic visibility of company pages. Included in the list are new industry categories, and newsletters for companies. The latter feature sends notifications to subscribers when you publish a new issue. This is great if you run a company page since it gives an alternative to LinkedIn ads, which are notoriously expensive.
  • Twitter is testing analytics for its Spaces feature. The goal is to show hosts the number of tune-ins, speakers, replays and more. Spaces is still eating Clubhouse’s lunch, with no signs of slowing down.
  • YouTube is now streaming TV shows for free (they’re ad-supported, so don’t get too excited). That last note about ads is what makes this so important. It gives YouTube another opportunity to place contextually relevant ads (I hate that I typed that phrase, am I corporate now?)

SEO & Content Marketing

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