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💌: Ad sales are 📈 for big tech

👋 What’s up, everyone! Back in your inbox with a roundup of what’s what in the marketing world. It was Facebook’s worst week ever, while the rest of big tech reported record-breaking ad sales. The numbers are truly mind-blowing (you can see them in the advertising section).

In Forgematic agency news: I’m continuing to add clients and have a few contractors helping me out when I need it. We’re essentially a full-service SEO (technical, backlinks, AND content) and PPC agency now that I’ve gotten some help. Still, I want to grow sustainably and for that reason, am intentionally capping the client list for now. We have capacity for two more clients, fyi. 👀

And with that, here’s what happened in marketing this week!

Social Media & The Creator Economy

SEO, Content, and Email Marketing

Copywriting, Branding & Advertising

For Fun

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