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💌 2021 belonged to TikTok. 2022 too?

What’s up y’all. Here we are in 2022. It’s crazy to type those words because it feels like 2021 flew by. I’m excited about the possibilities for this year and what’s going to change in marketing.

I’m not going to make any predictions outside these two: 1) TikTok will continue to lead and be copied, and 2) Content marketing will become more important than it’s ever been.

Thanks to everyone that completed our reader survey. Your feedback was great, and I’m going to add new sections plus finally get our community rolling early this year.

And finally, I launched Forgematic’s agency and consulting wing in early December. In a sentence that’s wild to type: I think I’m at capacity, until I manage to hire some help.

And with that, here’s this week’s shorter-than-usual-because-holidays roundup:

Social Media & The Creator Economy

SEO, Content, & Email

Copywriting, Branding, & Advertising

Woo! You made it to the end. Thank you so much for being here for another week!

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- Forge